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Tarot for Creatives September 12th to 18th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

Happy Monday, and welcome to a new week. We’ve had rain here all weekend, so it feels like Autumn has well and truly settled in. Spooky season is around the corner; my favourite time of year, and I’ll be celebrating with discounts against services on Creative Soul Tarot which I’ll announce closer to the time.

Right now we’re in a Waning Gibbous moon phase. This cycle brings an energy that assists with releasing, letting go, and clearing space, so this week I’m using a simple spread to work with this energy: Reflect, Release, Embrace.

Tarot cards and crystals on a cloth
Wheel of Fortune, The Sun, The Hierophant. Deck: Ethereal Visions

Three Major Arcana! (And yes, it did make me quickly check the deck to see if I’d put the cards in order and hadn’t remembered to reshuffle.)

The Wheel of Fortune asks us to reflect on cycles. Whether you’re at the beginning, middle or end of a project, take a moment to reflect on how it’s going. Is there anything you’d like to change? What is and isn’t working? Have you learned a valuable lesson from the experience? The Wheel often appears when a turning point is imminent, so if you’ve been faltering on making a change, now is the time to take action.

‘This Too Shall Pass’ sums up the Wheel, reminding us that both good and bad times don’t last, so if you’re celebrating, enjoy the moment, and if you’re struggling, know the Wheel constantly turns and you’ll emerge from this difficult period. Overall, engage within whatever cycle the Wheel instigates. We’re not observers in our journey, we’re active participants, so if something’s not unfolding as hoped, take the necessary steps to change direction.

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

The Sun appears in the Release position, and while no-one wants to hear it’s time to release its energy of vibrancy, success, joy, and positivity, the message here is to be grateful for the time you’ve had with the Sun, and allow a new cycle to commence. When the Sun is with us, our path is illuminated, so with its release, expect hesitancy as a new path opens. It may be hard to see what lies ahead without the Sun spreading its positive vibes, so gather up your skills, wit, and experience, and know you have what it takes to start a new adventure.

The Sun in the release position can also suggest lingering too long in the glow of achievement as an excuse to hold off beginning something new for fear it won’t be as successful. But remember; if you did it once, you can do it again!

Appearing in the Embrace position, we have the solid, traditional energy of the Hierophant, who’s suggesting a moratorium on out-of-the-box thinking. With his somewhat rigid ways, the Hierophant likes the order of structure. Stick to what you know. Work with the skills you already possess, and the processes that have proved successful in the past. If you’re feeling the absence of the Sun’s positivity, and struggling with the new cycle instigated by the turn of the Wheel, the familiarity of what you know will likely bring great comfort. Lean into your foundation. The time will come when you create with abandon again, but for now you’re in a cycle that needs conformity over innovation.

Three strong Majors this week, each with their own distinct message. It kind of feels that the Hierophant is trying to rain on our parade, but considering the shifts of the Wheel and the withdrawal of the Sun’s happy vibes, it’ll serve us better in the long run if we stick with a routine and/or process that has proved successful in the past—even if it does bring such a dull and ‘adult’ mood to our creative process. Anyone else visualising a toddler sulking in the corner? Have a great week, my creative friends!

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