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Tarot for Creatives April 3rd to 9th 2023

Hello, Creatives!

This week’s Tarot for Creatives reading hones in on the subject of self-doubt which can strike at any time. Imposter Syndrome likes to skulk around with self-doubt, and can creep in with its insidious whispering to even the most accomplished creatives. Today’s spread looks at how to overcome these unwelcome mindsets with a spread examining; What prompts second-guessing, What is not seen, What mindset should be avoided.

Tarot cards on a purple cloth with candles, crystals and a plant
Strength, The Hierophant, 2 of Cups. Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot

Strength is the card of inner grace, when we approach a situation with calm, logic, and patience. But with these positive aspects comes an expectation. Outwardly, we want to appear in control, the master of our kingdom and destiny, but internally, that demand to be on top of our game places pressure upon us.

Strength is ruled by Leo, the Sun sign which rules our ego, so consider how ego plays into your creative endeavours. Are you too proud to ask for advice or assistance? Do you feel that requesting support reflects badly on you? Have you considered your peers are likely battling the same self-doubt or imposter syndrome? The message here is to be aware of your limitations, and once you can identify them, tap into Strength’s inner grace by reaching out to peers for support or those with greater experience for guidance. Very few are complete masters of their art; our disciplines demand constant learning, so when you next find yourself cringing under the whisper of self-doubt, grab that beast by the jaws and remind it who’s the boss, and if your skills need a boost, enhance them.

“Distractions don’t look like distractions until they finish distracting you.” - Unknown

Structure and convention are your best buddies right now. The Hierophant is all about colouring inside the lines. It’s an energy of order, tradition, and maintaining the status quo. Now is not the time to go out on a limb, however tempting it may seem. Instead, stick with what you know. Institution is another keyword for this card, reflecting the importance of established order and mentors. Echoing Strength’s message of reaching out for support, the Hierophant practically demands it. Look to ‘elders’ for inspiration or even guidance. If you’re stuck within a certain aspect of your craft, consider studying the path followed by those more advanced and see what information can be gleaned.

The Hierophant carries a therapeutic energy. It advises us to lean into stability to gain the support we need, regardless of how much that ‘institution’ vibe may freak us out. Open your heart and mind to the possibility. It’s something that has remained unseen for you up until now, but the time has come to give it serious consideration.

Don't allow the flirtation of Shiny New Things to distract you!

The 2 of Cups signifies love at first sight, an initial attraction that spins our heads and hearts. Typically, it’s a positive card to see, as it indicates new partnerships and emotional connections. However, right now its flirty, giddy energy is best avoided. Consider the calming, refined energies of Strength and the Hierophant. Both call for order. If wading through self-doubt at this time, the idea of starting something new and exciting in favour or tackling the real issue may offer great temptation, but the message here is to avoid that Shiny New Thing syndrome. Slap on your shades to avoid being dazzled, and stick with the matter at hand. Yes, it demands personal strength and possibly facing things you’d rather avoid, but flirting with something new will only stall the inevitable because when the spark has fizzed out, the prickly matter will remain. Focus, is the message!

Do you struggle with self-doubt or imposter syndrome? If so, I hope this week’s reading offers a little guidance on how to kick its butt out the door. Have a wonderful week, creative souls!

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