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Tarot for Creatives Dec 6th to 12th 2021

It’s full steam ahead here at Creative Soul Tarot HQ now my shiny new website has been officially launched! I’m excited to be on this journey, and am looking forward to sharing my love of tarot with fellow enthusiasts. A big thank you to everyone who shared, commented and sent love my way on Saturday when I launched on Instagram. Your kind words and encouragement mean the world to me.

Tarot for Creatives Spread Dec 6th to 12th 2021
7 of Cups, Ace of Swords, Knight of Cups

After the new moon and solar eclipse on Saturday, I’m still feeling a little spacey, and it’s reflecting in this week’s cards. I’m using a spread that delves into current emotional energy, how to ‘win’ the week, and the energies with which we might find ourselves wrangling.

"An addiction to distraction is the end of your creative production." - Robin Sharma.

The 7 of Cups brings a message of illusion for our current emotional energy. What sparkly, glittery things are distracting you right now? You know the saying all that glitters is not gold? Well, that applies here, so consider who or what might be dazzling your thoughts. It may be your own busy creative mind, pumping out one idea after another, or it could be an external influence, promising the sun, moon, and stars. Reflect on where this energy is showing up for you right now.

If you’re caught up in daydreaming, which is something we creatives thrive on, this card is also a reminder to turn fantasy into reality. Dreaming must turn into doing or we’ll achieve nothing, so clamber down from the clouds and get yourself grounded by taking physical action with your plans.

If you feel the illusion aspect comes from an external source, question the validity and intention behind the promises, and proceed with care!

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” - Bruce Lee

The decisive Ace of Swords is a great energy to support turning dreams into reality. Mental clarity and insight comes with this card. As you work on bringing projects into existence, use intellect and reasoning. Get your plans down on paper. The act of writing will help to kickstart your ‘doing’ energy, while also potentially separating the chaff from the wheat. This means you may have to cut out, or park, project ideas. The Ace of Swords can’t be wielded without its blade making a severance, so seeing your ideas on paper will help you to filter out those with the best potential.

Oh, but the charm of imagination is persistent this week. Prancing around in the background, the giddy Knight of Cups suggests mental distraction abounds as your imagination goes into overdrive. I’m already spacey this week, and you might find yourself the same; drifting off into daydreams, starting one task only to swap it for another more interesting one, or struggling to even decide at what point to start! Return to the stern Ace energy. Make a list and work your way through it. Focus will be key this week.

As bothersome as the Knight energy might be, it does have a benefit. Intuition may feel stronger this week, and this will prove helpful, especially if you sense the offering of a glittering prize is an intentional, and perhaps negative, diversion. Listen to your gut, and go with what feels right, regardless of what others might be promising.

‘Away with fairies’ kinda sums up the week ahead. At times, this kind of limitless, flirty energy is great for creating, but if we lose the run of ourselves we can end up with nothing more than a busy head and nothing physical to show for it. I hate to be a kill joy, but we need to rein ourselves in this week by balancing our wild imaginations with practical (and yes, sigh, boring) doing.

Have a balanced week, my friends!

Deck. Samiramay Tarot by Vera Petruk.

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