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Tarot for Creatives Jan 29th to Feb 4th 2023

Hello, Creatives!

Imbolc arrives on Thursday, and with it, the return of Spring. I love this season. After the hibernation of Winter, it’s time to stretch out sleepy energy and fling open the doors and windows to welcome in the return of light (and hopefully, milder weather.) This week's Tarot for Creatives explores the theme of sowing seeds as Spring nears.

Tarot cards on a black cloth with crystals and a candle
3 of Cups, 4 of Pentacles, Queen of Swords Rx. Deck: Pride Tarot: A Collaborative Deck

Also known as St Brigid’s Day, Imbolc is celebrated with food, bonfires, and the making of Brigid’s rush crosses to hang above doors for protection and good health. In 2023, the Irish government introduced a new bank holiday to celebrate Brigid as our Matron Saint, proving just how revered she is as both a Goddess and Saint in our isle.

If you’d like to learn more about Brigid, I’d love if you’d join me at a live YouTube event this evening at 8pm GMT (15:00 EST) on the Luna and the Druid channel, where I’ll be chatting about Brigid, ritual, and of course, tarot!

Also, as next Monday, Feb 5th is a Bank Holiday, there’ll be no newsletter, but I’ll be back on the 12th.

So, onto this week’s Tarot for Creatives reading, and with Spring in the air, it seems fitting to read with the Seed spread which asks; What am I sowing at this time, How can I nurture the seed, and What might it harvest.

Celebration, community, and creativity pour from the 3 of Cups. This happy card brings abundance and creativity, so a wonderful energy as you set to sowing seeds of creativity. Surround yourself with your tribe, the people who get you, and want to see you succeed. Seek out those who will push you beyond your comfort zone, too, as that’s where the magic truly lies. With its fertile, fun energy, there really isn’t a better card to accompany the arrival of Spring and the seeds you’re planting.

“You are only confined by the walls you build yourself.”

The stable 4 of Pentacles appears next, and although this particular image kinda gives me the creeps (it’s the ventriloquist dummy vibe) it has solid advice for how to nurture the seed you’ve sown. Balance is the message when it comes to finances. Be mindful of how you spend and save. Don’t be afraid to open the purse strings, but be smart about how you spend that money, especially when it comes to business matters. You’ll likely be more financially stable than you think, so watch out for Scrooge tendencies. Again, with this card, there’s a message to nudge yourself out of your comfort zone. Sitting tight is all well and good when it comes to staying on top of financial matters, but sitting still also means grounding to a halt. To keep growing, you must keep moving.

The reversed Queen of Swords tumbles into the What might you harvest position, and with her comes a warning of drama and potentially, sorrow. Reversed, the Queen of Swords is a cold fish, a heartless beeyatch with only one goal; self.

While not the nicest card to see, it’s a warning, not a promise.

Typically, the reversed Queen doesn’t deal with her emotions. Instead, she shoves them down, and in frustration and pain, lashes out at those around her. If you find yourself bottling in emotion, make a serious effort to reverse that intention. Turn to your tribe, the supportive, nurturing folks in the 3 of Cups. Whether you’re facing hurt, defeat, or a loss, reach out for comfort. Much like the tendency of the 4 of Pentacles to hang onto his precious coins, hanging on to resentment and hurt will fold you in on yourself, and quickly leave you isolated. Share. Feel the discomfort, but do it anyway. Keep the 3 of Cups in mind and know that you’re not alone.

The overall message this week speaks of moving beyond our comfort zone, even if the idea makes us want to curl in on ourselves. The 3 of Cups takes centre stage as a reminder of the support and compassion available. As you nurture your seed, remember to take care of yourself and your important relationships too.

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