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Tarot for Creatives January 16th to 22nd 2023

Hello, Creatives!

According to those ‘in the know’, today is Blue Monday, so called because it’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Way to spread positivity, eh? To counteract such nonsense, this week’s spread is one of encouragement and positivity; You, your current path, and your amazing potential. Doom and gloom merchants aren’t welcome here!

Tarot cards with a candle, plant, and crystals
Knight of Air, 7 of Fire, Queen of Air. Deck: Förhäxa Tarot

The Knight of Air (Swords) brings concise communication. It’s an energy where you find yourself succinctly expressing your thoughts and providing accurate information. With your authoritative presence, you garner attention as you banish any sense of uncertainty. In any setting where you need to speak up, the Knight of Swords is a powerful ally, but with this keen communication also comes the risk of a razor-sharp tongue. Be conscious of ego as you interact with others this week. Watch out for assuming an authority attitude, or thinking that you’re indispensable. The Knight can be a reckless influence and cause unnecessary hassle with his tendency to charge in. Be mindful of those around you as you communicate. If you take your no nonsense attitude a bit too far, you risk belittling others and making them feel inferior. Engage your brain to tongue filter. Speak up for yourself and share your opinion, but be mindful of those around you as you do. The Knight brings a brave, courageous energy, to You this week, but be wise and keep a tight grip on the reins.

"Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” – Roger Crawford

The 7 of Fire (Wands) flings an energy of conflict into your Current Path, and with it, you’ll need to ascertain if a challenge has you on the offence or defence. Typically, this card appears when there’s a perceived threat to ambition. If you find yourself with your guard up this week, ask if you’re fighting to hold onto a position to save face, or are you protecting what’s rightfully yours. Often, with this card, the threat is more a perception than a physical challenge, a feeling that someone is ‘out to get you’. If that pops up, examine where that warning stems from. If you’re coming from a place of integrity, then defend your ground, calling on the feisty Knight of Swords energy to help you navigate communication. If however, it’s your pride that’s at risk, make the necessary change to restore your honour, and be conscious of retaliating with a whiplash tongue as you interact with others.

Overall, the 7 of Wands calls for smart, honest action as you navigate your current path. Be honest with yourself, tackle challenges with integrity, and you’ll come through just fine.

With the Queen of Air in the Your Potential position, we get a positive message of getting to grips with that Knight of Air energy and overcoming the challenge of the 7 of Wands. Where the Queen holds the same concise communication style of the Knight, she contains a more mature energy, meaning you’ll make known your thoughts just as clearly, but with a softer edge that keeps people on your side. Air is a more light-hearted energy than fire, so enjoy a little humour as you go about your business this week. If faced with a problem, tackle it by gaining a clear understanding of what’s going on. Get all sides of the story. The Queen is a wise counsellor and works best with when things are upfront and honest.

Whatever challenge the 7 of Wands presents, keep your head on and take action with grace and humour. You have the potential to neatly square away issues this week as long as you remain honest and use diplomacy. With all those busy bees in the image, you’ll have an active week, but one which brings a sweet reward!

Lots of energy relating to logic and intellect this week. With Fire energy mixed up in the middle, there’s a chance of feeling scattered, so add a dollop of earth and water energy in there by getting outdoors, and enjoying a healing bath if you can. It’s always a positive sign to see a Queen following a Knight, as it means that somewhat reckless Knight energy doesn’t get us carried away.

Have a great week, creative souls!

Deck: Förhäxa Tarot by MJ Cullinane

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