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Tarot for Creatives January 17th to 23rd 2022

Hello, Creatives!

It’s a full moon day today, and in the spirit of expansion, I’m using the Opportunity, Challenge, Outcome spread for this week’s #tarotforcreatives

This first full moon of 2022 is known as the Wolf Moon, due to how active wolves are during this season. As this moon will also be at a high angle in the sky, it’ll be one of the smallest full moons of the year. But that doesn’t diminish the power of the silvery magick! You can make moon water, charge crystals and tarot decks under a full moon. And don’t worry if it’s hidden by clouds, the energy still beams down!

Tarot for Creatives reading January 17th to 23rd 2022
Page of Pentacles, Knight of Cups, 7 of Wands

Starting us off this week is a card perfect for the full moon; the Page of Pentacles brings manifestation!

A financial opportunity or new job may appear this week. If this is something you’ve been dreaming of for a while, this card indicates that now is the time to work even harder on manifesting your goals. Use lots of ‘I am’ statements with mantras, and as you put together a clear and structured plan. The Page is a focused, driven energy that likes a solid framework, so try to embody this as you draw your plans together. Earthy pentacles energy demands you keep your feet firmly grounded and avoid the distraction of empty, glittering promises, so don’t be tempted to take a quick fix or shortcuts.

As the eleventh card within the Pentacles suites, the Page indicates you already have the skills you need to progress, but would you consider learning more? What skills could bring expansion and progress to your goals? With its youthful, curious energy, the Page suggests now is also a great time to consider new learning.

"When awareness is brought to an emotion, power is brought to your life." - Tara Meyer Robson

Trotting in to challenge us comes the emotional Knight of Cups. Here’s where the grounded, head-over-heart energy of the Page needs recognition. The Knight suggests emotions clouding your judgement. There may be sentimentality challenging your progression; perhaps a reluctance to let a process, idea, or even a working partnership go. So in terms of your creativity, have a think about what you’re emotionally attached to right now. Be honest; does it serve your better good?

Outside of your creative processes, where else do heightened emotions thrive? It’s not easy to disconnect, but can you view these situations without emotion and make a decision that isn’t heart-led?

Overall, with the Knight in play, it will be wise to leave emotion out of decision making this week. Don’t ignore your intuition, but do slip on that grounded, business-like Page of Pentacles hat as you take on challenges.

The 7 of Wands brings a message of competition and perseverance for our outcome.

Be prepared to find yourself facing combat as you progress with plans. You aren’t alone in your drive to succeed, and with many others in your field, you may feel no more than a drop in the ocean. But we are each unique, and what you bring, no-one else can. Don’t thieve your own joy by comparing yourself to others; stay focused on your talents and goals. Perseverance is key, so don’t be a quitter!

On tough days, even if you only achieve one step towards your goal, that’s enough. Remember, a year of single steps rewards you with 365 progressions!

While it looks like our emotions will bring a few challenges this week, the grounded nature of the Page of Pentacles will keep us from throwing our toys out of the pram. The full moon energy is ready and waiting, so get those plans down, and more importantly, get them in motion! We will face competition, but healthy rivalry keeps the fires of motivation burning. Remember; you’re a one-of-a-kind creative, so get your amazing gifts out into the world. We need it!


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