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Tarot for Creatives January 23rd to 29th 2023

Hello, Creatives!

Saturday the 21st brought us into a New Moon phase. We’re also in the sign of Aquarius (my sun sign!) so with the moon bringing an energy of reboot and fresh intentions, and Aquarius embodying passion and unconventional thinking, we’re in the zone to shake up creative thinking and passionate pursuits.

Tarot cards with crystals, a plant, and a skull candle
The Empress, 10 of Swords, 6 of Pentacles. Deck: Golden Art Nouveau Tarot

This week’s spread asks Where should I look for new inspiration, What can I do differently, What does my heart need?

The Empress opens the reading, and with her passionate, creative energy, she’s a perfect match for the current moon phase! The Empress directs us towards beauty in order to find new inspiration, so just as she relaxes outdoors, why not throw on a coat and get out into nature? You could also enjoy a meal of your favourite foods and savour every bite. Leave the phone or other distractions aside, and make the meal simply about your senses. Or why not gift yourself some quality self-care time with a luxurious bath or pampering treat?

With her motherly nature, the Empress is all about nurturing, so feed your inspiration by wallowing in earthly, nourishing pursuits. The Empress looks relaxed on her plump cushions, but threaten those dearest to her, and she’s a might foe. Do you protect yourself with as much ferocity, or give your energy and time to those who don’t reciprocate? To spark new inspiration this week, soak up beauty and nurture your senses.

“Every ending is a new beginning, I'm gonna start right now, only way that I know how. I'll take a step, then take another step.”

- Wynonna Judd

What can I do differently is represented by the stark 10 of Swords. A card of betrayal and endings, it indicates a situation that no longer serves you needs to come to an end. Consider where you might be betraying yourself by insisting a situation is fine, that you can handle it, or that it’s not worth causing trouble/hurt by ending it. What would change for the better by removing this from your life?

What you can do differently is face up to what’s not working, and make a change. It will likely take courage, but with tens being cards of completion, the end is already here, ready and waiting for you to take action. It won’t come about by itself, either, it needs you to swing that first sword to make the severance. Although a harsh card, it’s important to remember that with a conclusion comes a new beginning, so if the thought of ending something seems daunting, focus on the bright horizon waiting beyond it. To get unstuck, make a change.

Stalker alert!

The 6 of Pentacles is stalking us lately. Between the weekly and daily draws, it has popped up a few times, and here it is again. With a message to give and take, the 6 asks you to take a close look at that one relationship on your mind right now. It may be a friendship, a business partnership, or romantic. Examine the balance. Do you give more than you receive back, or vice versa?

Taking the loving nature of the Empress, and the severance energy of the 10 into mind, what needs nurturing and what needs severing? How does the idea of nurturing this relationship feel? What about the prospect of severance?

The 6 also indicates a mentor figure, so reach out if you need guidance or support. If you’re seeking a relationship and are open to all possibilities, then the 6 is a good omen. You may meet this significant person via a friend or family member. Overall, in terms of what your heart needs, the answer is balance. Keep in mind the energy of the Empress and 10 as you reflect; they’ll help you to decide where to nurture or release.

While on the surface, the Empress and 10 of Swords appear as vastly different energies, the Empress would be the first to swing the sword in demand for an end to that which doesn’t serve or nurture your growth. She’s a fierce power, so apply that to where there are imbalances this week and get the scales settled once more.

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