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Tarot for Creatives March 6th to 12th 2023

Hello, Creatives!

March is here! Spring is most definitely springing in my neck of the woods, and the garden is stirring into life. We do have snow forecast this week, though, so I’m hoping it doesn’t kill off the delicate new growth. Tomorrow is a full moon, and this one is called a Worm Moon. There are two different meanings behind the Worm Moon. The first is a reference to the earthworms that begin to appear at this time, churning the soil in preparation for new growth, but also acting as a food source for birds. The worm moon also represents the time when beetle larvae emerge from tree barks in the spring.

Tarot cards with a plant, candle and crystal on a purple backdrop
6 of Wands, 6 of Cups, 2 of Wands. Deck: Edmund Dulac Tarot

The spiritual meaning behind the Worm Moon is that of inevitability and optimism. The wheel continues to turn. A new season rolls around, and with it, the promise of returning life. The theme of inevitability asks for surrender. Instead of pushing against incoming change, roll with it. Surrender also asks for trust. As you weave together hopes and dreams, place your trust in the Universe as it works to bring those dreams into reality. Quite a profound message for a full moon, eh? So, with this in mind, this week’s reading asks the following: What is incoming, How can I work with it, What should I surrender?

The 6 of Wands is a card of optimism, so a positive and fitting card to begin. Victory is at hand when the 6 appears. Hard work and focus has paid off, and a celebration is incoming. There’s still a road ahead, but the path is currently clear, and you know exactly where you’re heading. The 6 of Wands is a great card for creatives as it affirms our efforts and encourages us to keep going. There may still be a few speed bumps ahead, but we’ve already overcome many, so facing new ones won’t be as daunting as before. This card can also represent getting back into the saddle after a fall. Its predecessor, the 5, is a card of conflict and challenge, so if you’ve been experiencing a battle, the 6 is a positive omen that this period is coming to an end. Brush yourself down, hop back into the saddle, and move forward.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” - Oprah Winfrey

Another 6, and with it, an additional message of positivity! The 6 of Cups brings simple pleasures, the good things in life, and a touch of nostalgia, and in relation to the question of how we can work with the incoming energy of the 6 of Wands, it asks for us to simply be happy and grateful! While the urge to push ahead with creative endeavours may be forefront of our minds now that we’ve earned a victory, the 6 of Cups asks us to hit pause and take a moment to enjoy our accomplishment. Celebrate, treat yourself, have a little fun. Take off the Hat of Responsibility and kick back.

The 6 also indicates a time of courtship, one where there’s a touch of old-fashioned wooing; think flowers, romantic walks, candlelit dinners and soft music. When did you last spend a romantic evening with yourself or a partner? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, consider an evening of love; good food, soft lighting, and gentle music. The 6 of Cups asks us to wallow in a little pleasure. After the success of the 6 of Wands, we deserve it, but the respite is important, as it will also allow us to fortify positive energy as the wheel turns and we move ahead once more.

Promote yourself!

What should we surrender now that we’ve achieved a victory and enjoyed some downtime? The 2 of Wands is the card of starting out. It’s a time of plotting, when the vast world waiting beyond our horizon offers limitless possibilities. Reflect on your mindset. Do you regard yourself as a newbie? Do you approach your work with the belief that you’re wet behind the ears, and therefore lacking when it comes to wisdom, skill, and confidence? With the 2 of Wands appearing in the surrender position, the message is to promote yourself to a higher position. With the victory of the 6 of Wands, you’ve progressed beyond being an intern. Consider all you’ve learned and achieved in the past while—no matter how big or small you may believe it to be, your achievements are yours, through hard work and dedication. By all means continue to work with the 2 of Wands energy of forward planning and goal setting, but you’re now in a more elevated position. Acknowledge it. Surrender the idea of being a rookie and embrace advancing. You’ve earned it!

Lots to think about this week, especially the surrender message of the 2 of Wands. When did you last give yourself a promotion? It’s an amusing concept, but at the same time, it definitely has me thinking about how we can pigeonhole ourselves into a restrictive frame and not consider how those self-inflicted boundaries can prevent progression. Who’s ready to become CEO? Have a wonderful week, creative souls, and enjoy that full moon!

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