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Tarot for Creatives May 15th to 21st 2023

Hello, Creatives!

We’re in the Waning Crescent moon phase at the moment, so now is a good time for self-care, recharging and recuperating. This moon phase always makes me think of the 4 of Swords and its message of retreat and rest. After an incredibly busy and stressful week—due to technology hiccups (thanks Mercury retrograde)—I crashed and burned on Saturday. Although I wanted to curl up on the couch, I took tea and a treat down to the seafront, planted myself on a bench and read a magazine. Chilly wind drove me home after forty minutes, but that little moment of self-care had me feeling ten times better when I got home. How do you recharge? And do you ever wonder why you didn’t do it sooner?

This week, I’m working with the Act, Examine, Cease spread. This is a great one for dealing with uncertainty. Earlier in the week, I found myself struggling with a decision, and a quick 3-card read delivered the clarity I needed. If you’re tangling with an issue right now, I hope it’s of help to you, too!

Tarot cards on a purple cloth with a candle, crystals and a plant
5 of Horns, King of Pentacles, 2 of Wands. Deck: Runic Tarot

A message of deep yearning comes with the 5 of Horns. This is a time of sorrow, and the only way to move through it, is by acknowledging your pain and remaining present. What is weighing you down at this time? It may feel as if a part of you has been lost, which is a natural part of grief. Acting upon this card means feeling your feels. Although it would be preferable to have this time in the past, grief wants acknowledging before it can depart. Avoid pushing down and denying your hurt. If you can’t express your current state of heart and mind to others, say it to yourself. Speak your pain aloud. In facing such difficult emotions, the tendency to fear them eases, allowing us to pick ourselves up faster. Once you feel strong enough, look to the future. Build a bridge between now and where you want to be. Brighter days do lie ahead, and you’ll get there.

“We humans have lost the wisdom of genuinely resting and relaxing. We worry too much. We don’t allow our bodies to heal, and we don’t allow our minds and hearts to heal.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

In the Examine position, the King of Pentacles reflects meeting physical needs. Consider your physical environment and what is required to maintain its integrity. Examine spending habits, both under and overspending. The King makes careful decisions, and while many see the king in this suit as having a Midas touch, his ability to procure abundance has come about through meticulous planning and wise investments. How well prepared are you for a harsh season? Can you support yourself and your family, or is there something lacking? Now is the time to tackle these shortfalls. The bind rune appearing in this card reflects the need to slow down and take in what is happening around you. This call for pacing is especially significant if you’re trying to rush through the grief process of the 5 of Horns.

The 2 of Wands appears in the Cease position, carrying a message of experimentation and brainstorming new ideas. As a 2, it’s early stages, the first steps taken. But with a Cease order, now is not the time for this diversion. Be honest about why you’re considering this new project or idea. Is it to escape the other more demanding and difficult themes of the King and 5 of Horns? If so, you’re ignoring the call to slow down and take care of your present situation. Pushing ahead, no matter how enticing, won’t solve the current issues, and anything you do create, you risk building on shaky foundations. Hold off on firing up a new project. Stay in the now and make peace with what needs your attention here first. The runes appearing in this card are Raido (on the left) symbolising a journey. This indicates moving through a process, much like accepting the path of grief. Ansuz reversed (on the right) represents miscommunication and the importance of attention to detail, reflecting the call of the King.

This deck always gives such an insightful reading, and with the combination of runes, the extra layer of interpretation adds even more depth! We’re being directed towards acceptance this week, facing what’s in front of us, and dealing with it wisely. Once we do, we can move on, stronger and wiser. Here’s to a productive week, creative souls, in both our physical and emotional endeavours.

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