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Tarot for Creatives Nov 20th to 26th 2023

Hello, Creatives!

Today we’re in the First Quarter phase of the moon, a time for finding balance, overcoming obstacles, and persevering. This week's Tarot for Creatives reading provides an overview of creative work, offering a snapshot of your current position and where you’re headed. It asks: What needs attention, What am I not seeing, Where should my focus lie?

Tarot cards on a black velvet cloth with a candle and a plant
4 of Pentacles, The Hierophant, 7 of Pentacles. Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot

Financial matters need attention as we move into a new week. The 4 of Pentacles indicates finances are solid, but encourages us to to look at how freely or cautiously we may be spending. Consider where you may be holding the purse strings too tight, or where you may be spending a little too freely. With the current moon phase facilitating balance, this is an apt card to see here, as the 4 of Pentacles likes a steady footing. Overall, the 4 brings a positive message indicating finances are in better shape than may be perceived, but to be wise about spending and investing. Seek counsel if necessary.

“Perseverance is not a long race;

it is many short races one after the other.” – Walter Elliot

The Hierophant and its call for structure indicates we’re not seeing the importance behind tradition at this time. Where are you bending the rules? Or are you tackling something alone when guidance or community would be beneficial? The Hierophant loves order. When it appears, it’s not a good time for colouring outside the lines, so reflect on where you may be going rogue and rein yourself back in. For now, it’s best not to disturb the status quo. Instead, lean on those with wisdom. Look to the greats within your field and learn from their processes. How can you apply their tactics to your processes? With institution a theme of this card, it’s also worth considering how community might assist you at this time. A course, a mentor, or any form of guidance could be beneficial.

Another lovely First Quarter synchronicity with the 7 of Pentacles, which brings a message of perseverance. The hard work is done. You have sown the seeds and tended to them with care, and now you must wait. Growth takes times, and although you may be impatient to see results (especially financially with the 4 of Pentacles) you’ll have to be patient a while longer. Continue to nurture your creative endeavours. Consider what comes next, and how you can take initial steps towards it now. Embody the Hierophant by engaging with community to see what others are tending to, or harvesting. Perhaps you may even consider weeding out processes that no longer serve? While this potential waiting time may seem frustrating, use it wisely. Keep an eye on what’s growing, and consider how you can expand on it in the future. Stick with what’s working. Perseverance is key!

How does this week’s reading resonate with you? The 7 of Pentacles is a timely reminder for me. I’m definitely in a place where I’m impatiently waiting to see results. How will you use this time?

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