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Tarot for Creatives November 14th to 20th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

Greetings from a strangely mild and dry Ireland. November is usually a month of wind, cold, and rain, but I found myself mowing the grass at the weekend, and in a t-shirt too. Roses are still blooming, and while trees are losing their leaves, new growth is visible in the garden. Mother Nature is confused. Are you noticing weather changes in your corner of the world?

This week’s spread is by request. A reader asked for a spread for problem solving, so here’s a simple three-card one I use: Option, Alternative Option, How to Choose. I’m working with the beautiful Tarot de Carlotydes this week, a deck which has swiftly become a firm favourite!

Tarot cards with crystals and a plant
Queen of Pentacles, 10 of Pentacles, The Fool. Deck: Tarot de Carlotydes

Option one comes in the form of the Queen of Pentacles. Pentacles represent the material aspects of our lives; money, career, work, and material possessions, and with the Queen of Pentacles, the energy is one of balance, where home and work life flows, finances are stable, and life is good. The Queen reigns over her kingdom with shrewd thinking, love, and the drive to succeed. How does this translate as an option? It means examining this area of your life, identifying where you need to take the lead, embracing that challenge, and facing it head on.

The Queen asks for a sincere, focused effort, so if you’ve been dawdling, the message here is to step up. Delegation will be your friend. The Queen can’t run her kingdom without assistance, so seek out support, whether it helps to balance your home/work life, or allows you to focus solely on the challenge at hand while others take care of less important tasks. Finances come into play, too, so be wise with investments. The Queen also thinks ahead. She’s not yet at King level, so she plans for the future, knowing there’s still work to do. Overall, the Queen calls for you to take the lead. Option one is for you to take control, make a solid, practical plan, gather support, and go kick ass.

“If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.” - Maya Angelou

The 10 of Pentacles brings us the alternative option, and not too far from the Queen’s message, it speaks of legacy and how hard work in the present pays off in the future. Again, the focus is on earthy Pentacles energy of career, finances etc., but this card also speaks of tribe, and the importance of the family unit. Two alternative options come with this card; one is to look to your family, or tribe, for support. Tens are cards of accomplishment and completion, so you’ve already built a solid foundation, and have the smarts to succeed, but those around you can further help. Where the Queen delegates, this card carries more of a working together energy, so consider where you can bring others in and how partnership may pay off.

The second alternative option is to consider a break. With a message of completion coming with this 10, there’s a suggestion to take a step back, relax, and enjoy time with your family. If you’re struggling to decide whether an opportunity is one you should take, this could be a sign saying 'Not just now’. You’ve already accomplished much, and just like the dragon snoozing on his pile of gold, consider taking a beat to rest and enjoy yourself. While you do, know that what you’ve already achieved supports and provides for your tribe.

Whichever option sits best with you, legacy is the key word to remember with the 10. What are you building towards, and have you reached that point, or is there more to do? Is this the final mile where one determined push will get you to the finish, or have you crossed that line and now deserve to put your feet up for a while?

How to Choose? The adventurous Fool tells you to choose with an open mind and a confident heart. He leaps into the unknown, confident the Universe has his back. He carries little weight; no expectations, no stress, no responsibility. Instead, he leaps like a child, giddy with possibility with no care for how or where he’ll land. While some may think this is a naïve way to proceed, the Fool says otherwise. With the capable and accomplished Queen and 10 at your back, there’s no naivety here.

A new horizon lies ahead. Reflect on all your options, and the one that gets your heart racing the most with excitement is the one for you. Even if you can’t foresee how it might work out, I’ll bet you have a sense of knowing it will, and that you have the smarts to get there. So the Fool leaps, but he does so with unshakeable confidence. He doesn’t know what awaits, but the promise of something amazing powers his leap. Which of your options brings that promise? Don’t worry if you can’t envision how it will manifest, it’s enough to know you believe it will.

I always find this spread opens up possibilities I hadn’t considered. How does it resonate with you? Right now, I’m certainly focused on the career and financial aspects of my life, so this reading hits home for me, especially the aspect of legacy. The Fool always brings a fun, spontaneous energy, and although it seems such a juxtaposition against the solid Queen and wise 10, it’s a reminder that we don’t always have to have the how; sometimes the instinct of knowing we simply will, is enough.

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