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Tarot for Creatives November 21st to 27th 2022

It’s the most Monday-ist Monday here today; gusting wind and lashing rain. Definitely a day for indoors. This week, two of my author friends and I are heading away on an adventure to Edinburgh in Scotland. It’ll be my first time visiting this historical city, and I’m very excited. For those who follow my Daily Draw posts over on Instagram and Vero, you’ll see this week’s cards with a Scottish backdrop!

Tarot cards with crystals and a candle on a purple backdrop
Justice, The Hierophant, 7 of Swords. Deck: Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot

I’m working with the traffic light spread this week, a quick and easy Go, Consider, Cease reading that always gets to the point.

Justice calls for integrity. It’s a karma card, a reminder that we reap what we sow, and although making the right choice may present a more difficult path, it will serve you better in the long run. Justice gives the green light to act with fairness this week. If others are pressuring you to act dishonestly, or without integrity, remain objective and base your judgement on fact, not on someone else’s opinion. Play fair as you proceed, and ensure those around you do the same. Justice in the Go position calls for you to embrace logical, fair thinking. Whether you’re the judge or the jury, accept the ruling and take personal responsibility.

“The most important key to success, is having the discipline to do what you know should be done, even when you don’t feel like doing it.”

The Hierophant appears in the Consider position. He calls for you to consider conforming over innovating—not something creatives like to hear! There’s a reason behind this, though. Boundaries and restrictions form structure, and when the Hierophant pops up, it’s because we need to follow a set path. Within that tradition or set of rules, we’ll find what we’re seeking.

With the Hierophant, the answer to what we seek often leans towards learning, so if you’ve been contemplating taking up a new skill or expanding on a current, this card is a positive sign you’re on the right path. A mentor figure often comes into play when the Hierophant appears too, so it’s also worth considering how that option might serve you. With Justice on his heels, there’s a strong sense that mature, rational behaviour and action is in demand. Reflect on where this impartiality will serve you best, and act accordingly.

Karma. She knows the score.

The sneaky 7 of Swords lands in the Cease position. The card I dislike the most in tarot, this is the card of unfair advantage where sneaky tactics gain a win. But at whose expense? With Justice and the Hierophant in play, the 7 of Swords indicates pushing against the rules. Despite what the two major arcana say, the 7 of Swords wants to rail against them. Therefore, personal gain is on the agenda, and a willingness to break the rules to get that gain. Cease! With Justice leading the way, underhanded behaviour will come back to bite those responsible in the ass. There’s never a true winner with the 7 of Swords. Even the supposed victor loses out. Root yourself in honour and respectfulness this week, and if the 7 of Swords does gain a sneaky win, know it won’t end well for them, especially with the influence of Justice in the mix.

Hmm. A tricky week ahead. Rational thought and behaviour will get us through, even if we do squirm against the restrictions it might bring. If you instigate or feel the effects of underhandedness, know that Justice will have her way. Karma will win!

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