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Tarot for Creatives November 28th to December 4th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

I’m back from a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland with two fellow authors, and we had a blast! Edinburgh is a beautiful city, chock full of history. If you follow me over on Instagram or Vero you’ll see I took photos of the Daily Draw tarot card against an Edinburgh backdrop for my three days there. Travels with my tarot deck was such good fun! The spookiest place we visited was Greyfriars Kirkyard which has burials dating back as far as the 16th century. In the 18th century, most of the burial lairs were enclosed to prevent grave robbers from stealing bodies. With deliciously creepy gothic vibes, it was one of the highlights of my trip. But no, I was definitely not tempted to whip out my deck and do an impromptu reading on one of the headstones!

Tarot cards with crystals and a plant
The World, the Hermit Rx, and the Tower. Deck: Golden Art Nouveau Tarot

This week we move in to the First Quarter of the moon, and with that comes an energy perfect for finding balance, overcoming obstacles, and persevering. If you’re in the early stages of a creative project, it’s worth tuning in to this energy, especially if the initial excitement has started to wane and challenges are appearing. This spread will help you to engage with the process by asking Where do I need balance, How can I overcome challenges, What must I do to persevere? I’m working with one of my favourite decks this week, the bright and shiny Golden Art Nouveau Tarot.

Ooh, juicy cards this week—three Major Arcana! Starting us off is the World. This is the card of completion and accomplishment, so with the question of balance in mind, it poses two possibilities; finish what you’ve started, or if you’ve taken on too much, accept that something needs to go. The first option indicates a tendency to hop from one project to another, and instead of sticking with one through to the end, too many shiny things are causing distraction. Get focused. Work on just one project and see it through as completing one will bring the motivation needed to finish the remaining.

If the second option rings true with you, then know that there is accomplishment in admitting what isn’t working, so if you feel weighed down by a project that’s not serving your better creative good, then don’t be afraid to cut it loose.

“I am a strong person, but every now and then, I also need someone to take my hand and say everything will be alright.”

The Hermit reversed answers the question of how to overcome challenges with another two options. If you’ve been isolating yourself, and working to deal with obstacles alone and introspectively, now is the time to emerge and seek help from others. Perhaps you’ve been meditating on what to do, or feel reluctant to take action. In this case, the reversed Hermit is here to remind you of the value within community. Reach out to your peers for advice or support. You may prefer to be self-sufficient, but the message here is to lean on others for help with any challenges.

The second aspect of this reversed card is pretty much the opposite to the first. Go within, is the message. Listen to your intuition, acknowledge how this situation makes you feel, and the direction in which instinct nudges you. You may be relying too heavily on others and have lost your true voice to their opinions and advice. Back away for a little while. Create inner space to hear yourself and see what comes of the voice you’ve been ignoring.

The Tower speaks of pending upheaval, a swift and unexpected kick up the ass from the Universe. To persevere through this challenging energy, don’t push against the incoming change. When shit goes south, pull up those adult pants and face what’s coming. In order to persevere and emerge victorious, allow the shift to take place. Ignoring or pushing against the issue won’t make it go away; it’ll hit as promised, but wouldn’t you rather be ready and prepared? Grab the metaphorical torches and water, and stand firm. When Tower energy crashes into our lives it can be uncomfortable, but we always emerge into a brighter, more positive place. When we do, you’ll see how persevering through upheaval and change served you so beautifully. It’s a skill you’ll never lose; one you can call on in the future when Tower energy inevitably rumbles again. Perhaps this change might be the outcome of calling a halt on a project no longer serving? The initial impact might cause trouble, but the Tower always brings an ending that heralds a bright, new beginning to better serve us.

Powerful messages this week! Sit with the options for the World and the Hermit and feel out which reflects your current situation best. When it comes to the Tower, it’s a case of rolling with the punches. Very few of us are comfortable with such sweeping change, but the outcome is always one that makes us look back and admit the kick up the ass was just what we needed.

Have an inspiring week, creative souls!

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Here are a few snaps from the delightfully creepy Greyfriars Kirkyard!

The plump baby with one elbow lounging on a skull is a strangely funny sight to see. He/She is sitting in the panel at the top of the monument. Note too the headless statues flanking the monument. Intentionally left headless, or beheaded at a later date??

A close up of the babe chillin' out . . .

A grim welcome to Greyfriars Kirkyard . . .


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