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Tarot for Creatives October 3rd to 9th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

Welcome to Spooky Season, my friends! I’ll be working with Halloween themed decks this month, starting with the Dark Wood Tarot which has Disney vibes, despite its somewhat darker imagery. October is a popular month for tarot readings. With many viewing Samhain as the Witches’ New Years Eve, it’s a busy time for year ahead spreads as we look towards the incoming 12 months. If you’re already celebrating the countdown to Samhain, and wondering what the New Year might bring, check out the Your Date With Destiny spread which you can find in the Services section. It's discounted for October! Yes, a little shameless self-promotion there . . .

Tarot cards with a plant, crystals and a candle
King of Swords, 6 of Wands, 9 of Pentacles. Deck: Dark Wood Tarot

This week’s spread is a great one for a quick check in. Our current moon phase is the First Quarter Moon in Capricorn. The First Quarter brings an energy of balance and perseverance, while Capricorn is driven by structure and goal-setting, especially long-term goals. Combined with the current Libra season, who also loves harmony and balance, it means the time is ripe to check in on where you’re at, and where you should be heading. So this week’s spread examines the following: You, Your Current Path, Your Potential.

The King of Swords brings a logical vibe as we kick off this week’s reading. It indicates lots of practical thinking with no room for dramatic emotions. Whatever has your focus right now, you’re doing a great job! As creatives, we often act from a heart-centred space, all that touchy-feely stuff that allows us to emotionally attach ourselves to our work. When Swords come into play, it indicates calm impartiality. Another aspect of this card is challenging belief, so speak up when something doesn’t sit right with you; your voice is there to be heard. You may feel like a master of reason right now, if so, harness that logical energy and lock down goals with practical, actionable steps. The King feeds off this organised energy, so make hay while the sun shines.

“Oh, we got our feet on the ground / And we’re burning it down / Oh, got our head in the clouds / And we’re not coming down” - Alicia Keys. Girl on Fire.

Your Current Path is one of victory! A great card to see here. The 6 of Wands bring success. You’re emerging from a challenging time, and although you’re not at the finish line yet, you’re on the way. You have people cheering you on too. Support is present, just don’t forget to acknowledge those who have helped you progress. Sixes are cards of harmony, so as there’s still a way to go, keep a good balance between head and heart. Wands are all about drive, passion, and creativity. With the King of Swords ruling the spread this week, it indicates we have our heads screwed on, but Wands like to light a fire under our asses, so be conscious of maintaining harmony internally, and externally as you trot ahead.

We have a stalker, my friends. Third week in a row for the 9 of Pentacles, and she’s popped up twice in my daily draws over on Instagram, and in my clients readings too! Thankfully, it’s a positive card. The 9 speaks of self-sufficiency, how hard work has paid off and a period of growth is coming. Take a moment to count your blessings, and ensure you enjoy some of the luxury your hard work has manifested. Another aspect of this card, and perhaps the message the 9 of Pentacles wants us to hear, which is why she’s stalking us, is that boredom can sometimes come with this state of accomplishment. So, ask yourself, are you living up to your full potential right now? Are you coasting, or could you be doing more? Comfort lies in the security of accomplishment, and with Nines being the cards of ‘almost there’ is suggests there’s another mile or two yet before completion. Reflect on your current project or future plans. Are you staying within comfortable boundaries? If so, perhaps it’s time to step out of the comfort zone and push your skills to their limit.

A great blend of energy this week as we work with Swords, Wands, and Pentacles. The 9 of Pentacles is being doggedly persistent, which suggests her energy continues to linger. Perhaps it really is time to brave the world beyond our comfort zone? I normally associate spring with fresh thinking, and Autumn with bedding down into comfort, so it could be time to flip that process on its head and see what happens. What does the persistence of the 9 of Pentacles suggest to you and your creative endeavours?

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