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Tarot for Creatives Aug 21st to 27th 2023

Hello, Creatives!

We’re in the Waxing Crescent phase of the moon right now, a time of hustle and manifestation. The energy during this phase supports refining plans and pushing ahead, so if you’re needing a moment to step back and take an overview of current creative projects, this week’s spread is ideal. It asks: What should I explore, Where might I be vulnerable, What resources should I use?

Tarot cards on a black velvet cloth with a candle and crystals
The Empress, The Hierophant, The Fool. Deck: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tarot

Three Major Arcana for our reading this week! Beginning with The Empress (featuring the fabulously crazy Drusilla) it’s time to explore sensuality within your creativity. The Empress is the creatives’ card. She surrounds herself with beauty, revelling in the beat of nature’s heart and drawing inspiration from the world around her. The Empress calls for us to spend time in nature. Get your toes wet and your clothes stained with grass. Boost your lungs and blood with fresh oxygen. Disconnect from technology and explore with all your senses. What discovered delights can you weave into your creativity? What inspires? Answer any urges to try something new, even if it's out of your wheelhouse. The Empress loves without boundaries. Take on her passion and nurture your work with love and a fresh outlook.

"Breaking rules isn't bad when what you're doing is more important than the rule itself." - Kim Harrison, Author

Where the Empress opens herself to whatever blows in on the wind, the Hierophant takes a far more structured and rigid stance. He likes to play by the rules, indicating that vulnerability lies in the restrictions you’ve placed upon yourself. Be brave, and step beyond the boundaries from which you normally take comfort. Boundaries do serve us, but on this occasion, they appear to be holding you back. Be logical about the potential fallout of shaking things up. Will the sky fall down? Probably not. Adopt the mentality of the Empress. You hold the wisdom and creative skill to achieve goals, but playing safe leaves you vulnerable to missing out. The message here is not to fear change. You already possess the skill to play with experimentation and adjust to the outcome. Allow the fun to infuse your creativity with new energy.

Ready for adventure?

It’s time to explore with The Fool! Once you’ve shaken off the restrictions of the Hierophant, take a journey into new territory. Open your heart and mind to new opportunity. Forget about what you typically do; the rules or structure you normally follow. Going forward, there are no rules. Reflect on when you last took a chance and a blind leap of faith. What resources helped you along the way? Was it unshakeable confidence in yourself, or did you have plans, tools, or a mentor in place? Those resources are still available. Consider all you’ve learned since that time and put that knowledge into play. Changes are afoot, an energy shift that will restructure processes and behaviours. Be open to the opportunities they will bring. Be chill like the Empress, shake off the rigidity of the Hierophant, and explore with the excitement and faith of the Fool.

Three significant cards with a substantial message this week. Perhaps it’s the incoming change of season, but energy is most certainly shifting. Get outdoors this week. Soak up the energy that inspires the Empress and be open to jumping into something new with the Fool! Have a passionate week, creative souls!

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