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Tarot for Creatives Aug 28th to Sept 3rd 2023

Hello, Creatives!

We have a special celestial event this week, with August’s second full moon happening on Wednesday 30th. A second full moon within a month is called a Blue Moon, and this one also happens to be a Super Moon as the moon will appear larger in the sky than normal. In terms of spiritual energy, we have an extra boost of manifesting power coming with the Super Blue Moon, so this week’s reading focuses on growth with the Ignite, Nurture, Manifest spread. For such big energy, I’m working only with Major Arcana cards from the Majors only Codex Obscurus deck.

Tarot Cards on a black cloth with crystals, a candle, and a plant
Judgement, The World, The Moon. Deck: Codex Obscurus Major Arcana

Judgement brings rebirth, so in the Ignite position, it asks us to examine the possibility of rejuvenation. Consider your creative or personal projects at this time, and look at how starting afresh, or reviving a previous piece would inject new energy. Much has been learned since you first began, and armed with this knowledge, it’s now possible to come at the project from an entirely new angle. Whatever lies in the past can remain there. This is a time of forward thinking and opening to a world of new possibilities. Trust your own judgement as you create. Others are entitled to their opinions, but your instinct is powerful and deserves recognition.

“It’s a new day. It’s a new life.

It’s a chance to do things differently.”

The World asks us to nurture as we move towards completion. With an end in sight, now is the time to give your all to the final stages. The last mile can often be the longest as energy and motivation wane. Gather up your strength, focus on the end goal, and create with love. The call to nurture applies to us, too. Be conscious of your physical and mental needs. What area of your life would benefit from a little TLC? Take a break and devote time to that aspect if necessary. The World reminds us of cycles. When this one draws to a close, another begins, and we move into it with increased knowledge. The skill to nurture forms an important part of that skill-set, so lend it the time it deserves.

Illusion comes with The Moon. Something is hidden, rousing anxiety. Appearing in the Manifest position, it offers two messages. The first is about taking control, stepping forward to yank down the cloak hiding the truth. Allow intuition to lead the way as you navigate hidden paths. Some may even find intuition more potent than usual at this time, so lean into it to find the answers you seek.

The second aspect of this card is the power of imagination. While we can both thrill and frighten ourselves with our thoughts, the message here is to dream big and manifest bravely. As the moon fills to its peak on Wednesday, be succinct about that which you want to manifest. Form the image clearly in your mind. Feel the emotion of achieving your dream, and allow it to infuse your being. With the Moon, you can dream as wildly as your imagination will allow.

Rebirth, completion, and imagination are the themes for this incoming week. It’s apt we’re being called to dream big as the Super Blue Moon nears. Have you a project that would benefit from a rebirth? Or is it something more personal that you may consider reviving? Have a great week, creative souls!

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