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Tarot for Creatives July 10th to 16th 2023

Hello, Creatives!

It’s a new week, and although a very wet start to the day here in Ireland, it’s good to see the rain. New beginnings is the theme for this week’s Tarot for Creatives reading following a reader request who asked for a spread to navigate the early stages of a new project. It’s also a great spread when examining a new opportunity. It asks: What should I explore, Where might I be vulnerable, What resources should I use?

Tarot cards and crystals on a purple cloth with stars
4 of Pentacles, The Hermit, The Chariot. Deck: Samiramay Tarot

The 4 of Pentacles opens the reading with a message to study the financial aspects of a new opportunity or project. Ensure your own financial security by considering associated costs, and be honest about what you can and can’t afford. The 4 of Pentacles is often called the Miser card, and can fluctuate between confirming it’s important to tread carefully with spending, and letting go the purse strings a little. Balance is key. Fours are cards of foundation, so while you can spend, the advice is to do so with care.

With the appearance of a snake on this card, it’s worth mentioning that you undertake your own research and don’t take the word of others before investing. Overall, the message is one of current stability, but to avoid carelessly spending or investing without exploring every aspect of the opportunity.

“Never apologise for trusting your intuition. Your brain can play tricks, your heart can blind, but your gut is always right.” - Rachel Wolchin - Author

The Hermit is a call for solitude, to retreat within and ignore the outside world. In terms of vulnerability, it offers two viewpoints, the first being to avoid withdrawing and engage more with those around you, and the second which says that to truly understand where vulnerability lies, you need to take time alone to hear yourself think. If you have a nagging feeling something is off with a new project or opportunity, then heed the latter message to go within. Once you silence the external and listen to intuition, you’ll find the answer you need.

If you suspect you’re more likely to embrace going solo, then perhaps it’s time to nudge yourself out of your comfort zone a little. Can you sense which of the two aspects applies to you? Either way, the Hermit loves a meditation session, so why not sit with his messages in a quiet space for a while, and listen to the whisper of intuition? Facing vulnerability takes courage, but most certainly strengthens a position, so take the Hermit’s advice to sound out which aspect of vulnerability applies.

Victory with the Chariot! You're in the driving seat : )

The Chariot rumbles in, bringing a positive message of willpower and control. This is a powerful card, and the ideal energy for diving into a new project. It calls for smart thinking and action, centred emotion, and most of all, embracing the confidence that you’ve got this, and you’re about to kick some ass. Look to the wisdom, talent, and skill you already possess. The resources you need, you already own. Reflect on past challenges and how you overcame them. When did smart thinking, focused action, and centred emotion serve you before now? And on what occasions did a less than balanced approach knock you off track?

Willpower is key to working with Chariot energy. Park doubt, make a solid plan, and get moving. The Chariot typically represents victory, so allow confidence to flow as you tackle this new opportunity. You’ve got this!

With the Chariot appearing after the Hermit, it’s a sign that sitting with the Hermit will bring a positive outcome, one that boosts confidence, so don’t skip over his message to retreat within this week. The quiet reflection will also give time to consider the message of the 4 of Pentacles, and what aspects of its energy will serve best. Here’s to a productive and victorious week, creative souls!

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