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Tarot for Creatives June 12th to 18th 2023

Hello, Creatives!

I’m working with the Opportunity, Challenge, and Potential Outcome spread this week, an ideal one not just to navigate the early stages of a creative project, but at any time during the process. We’re currently in the Waning Crescent moon phase, so if you enjoy aligning your energy with the moon’s, right now we’re in a phase of self-care and recuperation.

Tarot cards on an orange cloth with a candle and crystals
4 of Swords, Judgement, 5 of Wands. Deck: Pride Tarot

While we may not believe opportunity can come calling when we’re taking a timeout, our opening card this week insists otherwise. The 4 of Swords calls for retreat and recuperation (which aligns with the moon!) It typically appears when we’ve stretched ourselves too thin and our energy has drained. The advice with this card is to pull back and use the time to firstly rest, but then to regroup and take a critical look at your game plan. Logical thinking will serve you well, and with your mind and body rested, you may find yourself seeing things from a new perspective. Take the rest. Use it wisely, and treat it as an opportunity to form a new outlook. Once you return to the battle field, you’ll have the energy and smarts to bag yourself a victory. Remember too, that fours are cards of stability, so right now you’re in a solid place to gift yourself a break.

“If you hear a voice within you say that you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Judgement presents our challenge this week. The penultimate major arcana, it typically brings about great personal change; a powerful personal rebirth. But Judgement can also mean trusting your instinct, making your own assessment of a situation and going with your gut. Considering the message of the 4 of Swords calling for rest and regrouping, on this occasion, Judgement’s message indicates struggling with trusting yourself to make the right decision. While others are entitled to their opinions, those voices aren’t your compass right now. If you’re planning on making a move, or have already taken steps and are now waiting to see the outcome, it can be easy to second guess your decision when others are quick to dump their opinions upon you. Block out the noise and listen to your own judgement. If you know you’re on the right path, stick with it. If you feel otherwise, trust your judgement to shift into another direction.

Who's ready for a little healthy competition?

Conflict comes with the 5 of Wands for the potential outcome, but sometimes, a little conflict can be healthy, and with the dynamic, creative energy of Wands, this conflict often appears as healthy competition. You have what it takes to step up and fight for your place. Ensure you operate with integrity, and remember to think creatively, not just logically. Judgement echoes here, too, reminding you to trust your own judgement as you proceed. Again, focus on your own lane, and not what others may be doing or saying. There’s a thin line between conflict and competition, so keep in mind the retreat and refocus message of the 4 of Swords. If you feel the pressure is too much, pull back and reassess before moving forward.

I love this deck and its depictions, especially the sleepy vibes of the 4 of Swords. Overall, this week’s message calls for self care, belief in self, and creative thinking. Will you heed the 4 of Swords and take a time out?

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