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Tarot for Creatives May 22nd to 28th 2023

Hello, Creatives!

I spent the weekend on a road trip, driving from the east to west coast of Ireland to bring my daughter and all her stuff home from college for the summer. I drove the motorway route on the way over, but we took the scenic route home, and while it added an extra twenty minutes to our journey, it was a far nicer route with the most amazing views. Sometimes, the road less travelled is the better one!

Tarot cards on a purple cloth with a candle and crystals
Queen of Wands, 4 of Swords, The Devil. Deck: Edmund Dulac Tarot

Right now, we’re in the Waxing Crescent moon phase; a perfect time for hustle and manifestation. As the moon spends the next two weeks building to its full phase, get focused on goals and work with manageable, actionable steps. I’m using the ‘Hustle’ spread this week, one that’s ideal for drilling down into what needs focus. It asks; What needs attention, Energy to embrace, Potential outcome.

Devoted to creativity, the Queen of Wands works with passion and endless inspiration. Appearing in the What Needs Attention position, it offers two quite different messages, so allow instinct to guide you towards what’s relevant for you. The first option carries a positive message encouraging us to listen to what makes our hearts sing right now. Lean in to whatever has you excited and inspired to create. Even if it’s not your typical medium/theme/genre, dive in and see where it takes you. If you’ve been focusing on the more mundane business aspects of late, this could be a sign to return to creativity.

The second message is a warning of burnout, where work overload has you nearing the end of your tether. Have you been burning the candle at both ends, or finding it difficult to maintain balance? If so, your current work practices need attention.

“Sometimes it takes some time out on your own to find your way back home.” - Taylor Dane

The 4 of Swords speaks of rest and recuperation. In the Energy to Embrace position, it calls for a timeout to refocus. Swords represent logic and communication, so the message of returning to a creative space is reflected again here with the suggestion that there’s been enough head-over-heart thinking, and it’s now time to retreat to your heart centre. But, with the overload warning from the Queen also present, it could be a message to retreat before illness knocks you off your feet.

Regardless of which option applies to you, this card asks you to reflect on your next move. Fours are cards of foundation and stability, so take the timeout, make a solid plan of action, and find balance again. Until you’ve recuperated and recalibrated, it wouldn’t be wise to move ahead.

The Devil appears in the Potential Outcome. This is the card of bondage, of finding yourself trapped in a situation you feel powerless to escape. Fear is the overriding emotion of this card. Typically, with the Devil, we’re aware of our negative behaviour/mindset, but it’s easier to stay stuck than face our fears to overcome them. The only way to conquer the Devil is to take an honest look at your situation and how you got yourself there. Whether it’s an addiction, unhealthy behaviour, co-dependency, or any conduct that has you a slave to its desire, until you face and challenge it, you’ll remain trapped. Neither figures in the card are physically bound to the Devil, and truthfully, his appearance could be nothing more that an illusion borne from guilt. This is how the Devil operates; it allows us to believe we’re trapped, that the situation is out of our control, when in reality, we have to find the courage to take personal responsibility.

But, and here’s the good news, as the Potential Outcome card, the Devil is popping up as a warning flare, a caution of what lies ahead if current behaviour isn’t corrected. So while you’re taking the timeout as requested by the 4 of Swords, also reflect on current behaviours that could potentially lead to trouble. Chances are, you already know, but have been ignoring the obvious. What has you feeling trapped right now? Take action against it this week, not when the situation has mushroomed out of control. Although a stark card with a tough message, forewarned is forearmed in this case, so take heed of the message.

A mixed bag this week, and while I rarely get the poke to do this, I’ll heed the nudge and tell you that when read in flow, (without a specific question assigned to each card as there is here with the Hustle spread) the three cards definitely indicate burnout; where work overload leads to illness and the potential to self-soothe with unhealthy behaviour. Overall, it seems we need to be conscious of our health and behaviour this week, so mind yourselves, creative souls. Take that much needed break and use the time to take good care of yourself. The recalibration will ensure the Devil stays away!

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