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Tarot for Creatives Oct 2nd to 8th 2023

Hello, Creatives!

Welcome to October. There’s a lovely crispness in the air today. While out walking yesterday, the paths were layered with fallen leaves in the most beautiful shades of red and orange. This is such a magical time of year, especially with the approach of Samhain.

I’m moving through my day without constraints today, so instead of reading with a set of questions, I’m simply interpreting the messages of the cards. Apply their message to whatever situation you intuit as relevant.

Tarot cards on a black velvet cloth with crystals and a plant
6 of Fire, 3 of Air, 9 of Air. Deck: Förhäxa Tarot

We open with the 6 of Fire (Wands), a card that brings accomplishment. The fairy tends her garden of flowers, satisfied with her work. But flowers are seasonal, and much like our successes, they fade as time moves on. Acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments, but keep your eye on the horizon. You have more to achieve. If you’re struggling with motivation right now, the 6 of Fire is a positive message of an incoming success. Stick with it. You’re almost there.

Are you ignoring the truth of a situation? Is someone’s behaviour causing you concern, but instead of confronting them, you’re choosing to ignore it? The 3 of Air (Swords) brings heartache, the unveiling of a deception that cuts to the core. The fairy has had her wings removed. Cut down, she’s forced to feel the pain of her loss. The pain of betrayal can scar deeply, but the lesson of this card is to acknowledge the hurt so your heart and mind can process the emotion and then heal. Once you emerge healed, you’ll be stronger than ever.

The 9 of Air represents unmanaged worry. Stress and anxiety may be keeping you awake at night, the problems buzzing like hornets, denying you rest. The message here is the problems are less significant than you think; a troubled mind has allowed them to grow and persist. Acknowledge each worry, label it, and take affirmative, determined steps to tackle the problem. As long as you refuse to confront your worries, they’ll continue to haunt.

In summary: While enjoying a creative success, there’s an urge to remain in the present. A betrayal has you nervous to move forward, as more hurt may lie ahead. As you remain stagnant and perhaps in hiding, worries further manifest, clouding your judgement and blocking creative flow. Until you acknowledge the situation and allow yourself to feel the emotion, no matter how painful it may be, you’ll remain stuck. The surrounding flowers may be pretty at this time, but they’ll soon fade. Accept the situation that hurts your heart, give yourself permission to grieve, but then gather yourself together and take that first step into a new day. Reliving the situation as you lie in bed at night will only compound anxiety. Disengage from whatever person or situation brought this pain. Cut their negativity out of your life and create space for the positivity and love waiting.

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