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Tarot for Creatives October 24th to 30th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

Tomorrow, October 25th is a New Moon in Scorpio. Expect a revolutionary energy with this phase. Scorpio brings a cycle where an overhaul becomes top priority; an ‘out with the old and in with the new’ vibe. Scorpio is associated with the Death card in Tarot, and it’s a fitting card with its message of endings, transformation, and rebirth.

If you read last week’s blog on Ways to Attract Abundance, this upcoming moon phase is also the perfect time to work a little abundance magic in your life. I’ll be dipping into my jar of Prosperity Powder and using it to bring in more abundance as the moon’s energy rises towards full. Even the simple ritual of speaking affirmations gets a boost with the moon’s energy at this time.

With transformation in the air, this week’s reading focuses on what needs releasing, what the release will allow us to welcome in, and with the New Moon a time of hidden aspects, a look at what might be hidden from us at this time.

What needs shedding, What will it make space for, What might I not be seeing?

Tarot cards on a purple cloth with a skull candle, a plant, crystals and herbs
Queen of Wands, 8 of Swords, The World. Rune: Hagalaz. Deck: Runic Tarot

The fiery Queen of Wands opens our reading this week. In the What Needs Shedding position, she’s suggesting a quest to ‘Have it All’ be reconsidered. Queens represent a fertile, active energy, where there’s balance between work, home and play. Yes, it’s an ideal situation to be in, but with the incoming Scorpio energy, there’s a suggestion of negative thought patterns in the foundations of this goal.

Reflect on what’s driving you to achieve right now. Is it fear based? Perhaps fear of financial loss is behind your creativity, or you’re working towards a goal simply to prove a point to someone. While Queen energy is typically a positive aspect within a reading, in the release position, it’s an indication of a goal that’s burning away your energy and not serving your better good.

"You're only a victim to the degree of what your perception allows." - Shannon L Alder

Confirming the message of the Queen of Wands, the 8 of Swords brings a message of self-imposed binds. This is where being a victim proves easier than taking control of a difficult situation and fighting back.

Note the contrast between the two cards. The Queen stands tall with a wall of fire at her rear. What’s behind that wall? What is she so determined to hide from view? She’s protecting herself, represented by the figure on his knees, reflecting how the Queen hides a belief she’s a victim. By no longer forcing the pretence of Queen, insecurities will be faced, instigating a release.

The Scorpio New Moon energy comes into play here, too. The situation surrounding the 8 of Swords might be a unpleasant thing to face, but it’s time to stand up for yourself. Drop pretence, admit your struggles, and take action. Swords energy demands logic, so get clear on what needs tackling. Make lists, communicate, reach out to others. The figure in the 8 already holds a sword, but instead of swinging it, he’s kneels in fear. Note also how the ‘attacking’ figures can’t actually be seen. This suggests the troubles he’s allowed himself to become bound by are centred around negative thoughts and beliefs, not physical threats.

The card of completion, and the final Major Arcana of the deck, The World brings a strong, positive message to the conclusion of the reading. What you’re not seeing is a cycle drawing to a close. In relation to the Queen and the 8, it means that by shedding the mask of the Queen, space will be made to tackle self-imposed binds, and once cut away, this cycle will draw to a positive and successful close, and likely end an extended period of struggling.

With the revolutionary New Moon in Scorpio energy, you can expect to feel unsettled by this sweeping change, but with The World at your back, the message here is that you already have the necessary skills and smarts to direct yourself through this final mile. You may not believe or see this right now, but The World states otherwise. The kneeling figure in the 8 rises to become an unshakeable force. Whatever rattles you right now, won’t have the power to do so again, as slashing through those negative behaviours will arm with you the skills to defeat them in the future.

This is my first reading with this deck, and I love it! I’ll be honest and say I found last week’s Murder of Crows deck stark and kind of brash at times. It definitely holds a darker vibe (not in a spooky way, but in a very ‘in your face’ way.) This deck gives off a more encouraging vibe, and I can already feel how the images connect with my intuition. The imagery really speaks to me for this week’s reading. I get a strong sense of the Queen card reflecting a mask, where true feelings are hidden behind the distraction of a good show. With the Queen energy shed, the fiery wall drops to reveal the figure on his knees, struggling with negative thought patterns. If we can face these struggles and take a logical approach—in other words, less thinking, more doing—this potentially destructive cycle will draw to a close. The World backs us on this. With such a powerful energy of completion and accomplishment, it bodes very well for the week ahead!

I’ll be taking a break for the Bank Holiday next week, so there’ll be no reading or newsletter on Monday 31st. Normal service will resume Monday, 7th November. Until then, my friends, welcome in the invigorating power of this New Moon and kick out the stuff that’s holding you back. Positive things are waiting for your invitation, so welcome them in!

Deck: Runic Tarot (Lo Scarabeo)

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