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Tarot for Creatives Sept 11th to 17th 2023

Hello, Creatives!

We’re in a Waning Crescent moon phase right now, a time for self-care, recharging, and recuperating. During this phase, it’s beneficial to briefly hit pause on creative endeavours and turn attention towards yourself. This week’s spread offers a check in of your physical and mental self by asking: What Energy is Waning, How Can I Recharge, What Energy Will Carry Me Forward.

Tarot cards on a black cloth with crystals and a plant
Ace of Cups, Queen of Cups, King of Cups*: Deck: Edmund Dulac Tarot

A trio of Cups for our reading this week, indicating emotions, relationships, intuition, and creativity are in need of a recharge. We open with the Ace of Cups in the What Energy is Waning position. With Aces heralding new beginnings and creative inspiration, it suggests a lack of motivation and tiredness has crept in, likely draining enthusiasm. The Ace of Cups typically appears when creative inspiration is ready to flow, a new emotional connection is about to be forged, or as a sign to connect with intuition. Consider how each of these aspects may be presenting a challenge to you right now. You may be feeling the urge to withdraw and cocoon yourself in the comfort of solitude. Your Cup is empty, and there’s nothing left to give. The ship in the image has its sails full of wind as it rushes out to sea, but your sails hang limp. With inspiration and drive so drained, a retreat is in order.

“The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days.” – Lao-Tzu

The Queen of Cups holds the answer of How to Recharge. When it comes to self-care, there’s no better energy than her loving, nurturing, and gentle vibe. The Queen listens to her intuition. When it comes to decision making, and taking care of herself and others, she relies on her quiet inner voice for direction. An empathetic nature comes with this card, so a message to take note of how people and situations make you feel. Pay attention to the little nudges and react accordingly. Your body knows what it needs to recharge, so allow it to direct you towards healing, and away from anything draining. Be open to allowing others assist you during this time. Accept offers of kindness. It’s okay to show vulnerability, especially when loved ones want to help. If emotions are high, consider journaling to find clarity. Finally, with Water such a strong element within this suit, take time near water as part of your recuperation. Spend time near a river, lake, the ocean, or even the bath.

The reading rounds off nicely with a progression to the King of Cups. The King of Love embodies the energy needed to Carry You Forward. Who’s that one person who the people in your life turn to for advice or nurturing? Is it you, or a family member/friend? They’re someone who can always be counted on, and always seem to have the perfect words or advice for every situation. Look to this energy to move forward. When the King appears, emotional growth is taking place. A troubled past has been healed, and the heart beats strong and confident again. It’s also a sign that the sense of drained energy indicated by the Ace has reversed. The Cup overflows and is more inspired and loving than ever. The one trait the King of Cups doesn’t hold is force. He rules with patience and empathy. Bear this in mind as you move through the week. Recuperation can’t be forced. Be patient with yourself and be in the moment when you take time out. Avoid stressing over what you’re not doing or force yourself to ‘push through’ the exhaustion. The King calls for kindness. Heed his message and you’ll soon be overflowing with inspiration and motivation once more.

What form does self-care take for you? And how can you integrate it into the week ahead? While it’s not practical for any of us to simply announce we’re switching off for a whole week, we can take small actions; less time on social media, a promise to get outdoors and into nature every day, a few moments to yourself at the end of the day where your only focus is you and your needs. Whatever the week ahead holds, I hope you emerge as strong and vivacious as the King of Cups! Have a restful week, Creative Souls.

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*Cards laid out incorrectly in photo! They were drawn as detailed in the reading, but I noticed the photo layout was incorrect too late to change it . . . Hey, it's Monday.


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